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Virtual Assistants are career oriented professionals employed in a diverse variety of different fields who work from a remote, home office and are typically from a different country.

Level is a company that connects talent in the Philippines to businesses in the U.S. It’s just like hiring any other team member, but Level creates a smooth, seamless and protected process for all involved.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of how Level exceeds expectations over the competition.

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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to establish Filipino virtual assistants as true team members, develop long-term  professional relationships, and foster the best  environment for mutual growth.

Our Values

  • Dependable – Reliable, trustworthy and proactive;
  • Relational – Lasting, meaningful connections;
  • Humble – Open and receptive;
  • Just – Do what’s right.


We hire real people specifically chosen to fill a role in your organization, and arm all partners with a passionate support team that’s dedicated to everyone’s mutual success.

Connected Recruiting

Our team of connected recruiters are tied to the local communities we recruit in. This is important as we find the best local Filipino talent, start the recruiting process with a strong relationship and build a rapport with Filipino talent before they plug into their first interview.

Hiring for Your Role

We hire authentic talent specifically chosen to fill a role and meet the needs defined by you! Your new team member will come with experience, passion and a skillset to match your needs.

A History of Success

Our team at Level has a history of success with both happy clients and happy recruited talent. Our testimonials speak for themselves and we are proud of the way we conduct business from the recruiting stage to providing continued support after the hire is made.


We treat privacy and confidentiality for all parties seriously.


We’ll only endorse qualified candidates that have relatable experience to the role you’re hiring.

No Long-Term Agreements

Our agreement is month-to-month. We require 30-day notice for termination. When you terminate your hire, we’ll do everything we can to find you a better fit.


We have a support team that is dedicated to the success of all our partners.

Your Hours

You choose the schedule for your time zone up-front and we’ll find the right person who can fit that schedule.


With Level, we’ll match the right person to the job you are looking to hire for.

Trust in the level process

Hiring a new team member from outside the US doesn’t have to be scary. We make the process straight-forward, protected, relationship-driven and enjoyable.