What is a Virtual Assistant?

We get asked this question often! And our answer often stuns some people, but there is a common misconception of what a Virtual Assistant is! A Virtual Assistant is a person who does a job for your business, outside of your physical office… and that’s all there is to it! A Virtual Assistant, Virtual Specialist, Employee who works from home – they are all the same and can hold positions in everything from graphic designer to marketing to admin and beyond. Click here for some of our commonly filled roles.

What can a Virtual Assistant Do?

Another frequently asked question that we hear weekly and the answer is quite simple! A Virtual Assistant is simply a hired team member, so whatever position and duties you are hiring for, we match you with a person who specializes in that area. It’s the exact same as hiring any position for your business; you are hiring someone who specializes in the position and duties you have available. The difference between a Virtual Assistant and an in-house hire is just that they work 100% outside of the office. Hiring through Level provides a long list of additional support and ease through the hiring process, a devoted talent-finder that is on your side to arrange a “perfect-fit” lineup for your new position and support for both you and your hire beyond the initial hiring creating a beautiful connection for you, your business and your new team member! You can see our commonly filled Virtual Specialist roles and general role descriptions on our Services page.

How do I know if a Virtual Assistant is the right fit for my open position?

Give us a call and we’ll dig into the details to find out! We want to match talent with business that are long-lasting relationships, so we’ll be the first to tell you if this style of hire is right for you! Hiring a new team member, no matter the method, is a long-term commitment and one we want to benefit all sides to create a win-win culture!

I’ve never hired someone who works remotely. Do you provide any support on how I can successfully work with my new hire?

Absolutely! We have a very thorough process of support for our clients and their new hires to make sure your hiring process and beyond is successful. Check out our guide on how to work with a Virtual Assistant here or give us a call and we can walk you through our provided toolkit for success. Contact us, and we’ll be the first to let you know if a Virtual Specialist is the right fit for your business.

Where are your Virtual Assistant’s located?

All of our Virtual Assistants are located throughout the Philippines. We have a strong connection with finding talent in the Philippines and have found the culture to hold a strong work ethic, great English skills and all-around amazing talent to fill our client’s open positions.

What hours can Virtual Assistants work?

If you hire a full-time position, you choose your new team members’ schedule up-front and we’ll make sure the candidates we recruit match the schedule you’re looking for. If you hire a part-time team member, they work M-F for 4 hours per day with your choice of a morning or afternoon shift.

Also, a full list of our holidays are available online and include further information about specific days off for your Virtual Specialist.

Using Connections for Stronger Leverage

Our team of seasoned experts works with you to find your ideal virtual specialist, giving you the leverage you need without the hassle and risks associated with hiring in-house.

Building Authentic Relationships

We hire real people specifically chosen to fill a role in your organization, and arm all partners with a passionate support team that’s dedicated to everyone’s mutual success. 

Skills that match your needs

We’ll only endorse qualified candidates that have relatable experience to the role you’re hiring, and it’s always best to provide tailored training to be successful in their role within your business.

Ready to get help? Let's do this.

What happens if they have a natural disaster or their internet goes down on a day they need to work?

One of our checks during the interview process involves confirmation of high-speed internet and having a back-up internet access plan in place for your new team member! In the case of a natural disaster, just as would be if a tornado or a hurricane hit your home – priority is making sure your team member remains safe at all times and then we will communicate with all parties after confirmation of safety to find work solutions.

What will my Virtual Assistant be trained to do?

This is a common question and feeds into a common misconception of what a Virtual Assistant is. A Virtual Assistant is just a new team member you are hiring. They do not come pre-trained for your specific business, just as an in-house hire doesn’t come pre-trained. They will come with the experience and skillset needed for your position details and then you will work with your new hire on any business-specific processes you have in place that you would like them to use!

If I need to start with Part-Time and increase to Full-Time down the road, is that possible?

Not typically. Just like hiring an in-house person, that would depend on your new team member’s desire for work and current schedule. Most people that choose to work a part-time job are only looking for part-time work. We can always open up communication to ask if they would like to move to full-time, though we find that the majority of the time people are unable to.

How do I pay my Virtual Assistant?

We handle all payroll, HR, money transfers, etc. Your billing is a flat monthly rate automatically billed on the 1st of the month, after a prorated first month.

How would I handle raises, bonuses, gifts and other incentives?

Beyond normal customary raises, it is to your discretion whether or not to provide your VS a raise, bonus or incentive program. If you do, just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest. We even take on all credit card processing fees and money transfer fees so your VS receives the full amount. We have clients that send their entire team member’s family holiday gifts and those who just stick to the main package – either way, we will help you with whatever route you want to take!

Are there any non-US holidays I will need to honor with my Virtual Assistant?

Naturally, a full list of our holidays are available online and include further information about specific days off.


What’s different about hiring a Virtual Assistant through Level?

Our reputation speaks for itself as we focus on (3) key elements when helping our clients and the talent they hire.

1. We are extremely transparent to all parties. This is so crucial as often we see competitors hide elements of transactions, take large fees from the Virtual Assistant side of the pay and more. We knew when we started that we wanted to change the industry by providing 100% transparency for all parties and placing priority on BOTH sides of the hiring transaction’s success and benefit.

2. We provide support not only through the hiring process, but beyond the hire for both our clients and the talent we recruit for them! We have such raving reviews from the hires we recruit about the network we give them access to that we’ve got a reputation in the Phillipines for being the go-to for support and growth! Our hires all have access to our Level network that offers support so if they need help getting through a PDF issue, how to create a website form, why Docusign is down for the day, etc. – they can reply on our network to find solutions VS turning to you, which creates a win-win of growth for your hire and more independent success in their position!

3. Hiring made easy! We provide a smooth hiring process that takes all the hard work, guessing, unknowns and legal protection into our company and off of your shoulders. You get to sit back, enjoy our updates as we find you the right candidates and flow smoothly through finding your new team member. We’ve heard working with Level can become addicting as it’s hard to go back to any other type of recruiting and hiring!

If you’re ready to see how others have taken their business to the next Level, check out our reviews on our website or on our Facebook Page.

What does the hiring process look like for me if I choose to hire through Level?

The big win is the whole process usually takes just over 2 weeks from agreement signed to onboarded, depending on the complexity of your requirements and scheduling! If you’ve ever hired in-house before, you know how much time-savings that means! From start to finish, the steps we go through are:


    • We begin with a brief call with one of our consultants to learn more about you, the role you’re hiring for, and your company.
    • Once an agreement is signed, everything is handed over to our onboarding team, who meet with the consultants to brainstorm and ensure nothing gets missed.
    • We narrow down our list of applicants through internal interviews, reference checks, and an FBI-grade background check.
    • We facilitate joint interviews via webcam with you and around 3 qualified candidates to find the best cultural fit for your team (about 20-30 mins per candidate). You’ll receive their resume and DISC assessment before the interviews.
    • At the end of those interviews, you decide which candidate you’d like to join your team! We’ll directly connect you both to start your new partnership together.
    • Over time, our support team proactively reaches out to both of you to ensure you have the best working relationship!

Is there a cost savings of hiring through Level VS hiring In-House?

Yes! There is often a cost savings by working through our system and hiring talent we find for your open position. Hiring in-house means you need to factor in insurance, benefits, office space, workers compensation and more. Hiring through Level, we cover all of that and you have a flat monthly fee to pay your new team member and it’s as easy as that! Never any extra charges, surprise increases or end-of-year tax bills.

We keep our costs as low as possible to help further our mission and change as many lives as possible.

I see you have a start-up fee. Are these negotiable?

Our start-up fees literally cover our costs and no more (again, going back to our transparency mission!) Our startup costs were created with one goal in mind: providing you with the best Virtual Specialist for your business right out of the gate. Want to know the best part? Your monthly service fees don’t start until your Virtual Specialist starts.

Is the agreement long-term?

No. We never want you to be unhappy in a situation but have to stay in one because you are “locked in.” So we run all our agreements in a month-to-month scenario with a 30 day notice for any terminations.

Why should I go through Level vs. trying to hire direct in the Philippines?

We have been in this industry long enough to see the difference between those who try and attempt a direct-hire VS using our services and in full transparency, it often ends in failure. Failure to legally secure the correct documents, taxes and protections. Failure to support the new hire in the way is necessary for success. Failure to find the right fit for your team. Failure to pay a fair wage that helps you hire top talent….and the list goes on. On top of it all, you’ll definitely spend more time and money in the process than our streamlined costs, high-level deals with insurance/conversion rates, etc. and more. Level fulfills, protects and is designed for long-term success with hiring your new team member. Keep it simple and hiring a team who knows how to do this successfully and has the experience and connections is truly your best route.


What type of support is offered?

We have a support team that is dedicated to the success of all sides of the hiring process. They’re available to help both you and your Virtual Assistants with needs, questions and more!

We also have an extensive network of Virtual Assistants that rely on each other for basic technology questions, admin tasks, etc. to grow with each other’s support and keep the questions on your desk to a minimum!

What happens if the person I hire doesn’t work out?

We get it, nobody is ever 100% perfect with hiring. Like Wayne Gretzky (and Michael Scott) said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Our support team is dedicated to the support of all our partners and will work with you and your specialist to help overcome any issues either of you have. If at the end of the day we agree that there’s not a mutual fit, we’ll do whatever we can to make it right.

How do I cancel my service?

You don’t “cancel” a team member, you’re firing them. And it’s no different with your Virtual Assistant. They are losing their job if you provide notice of termination, so we handle all firings carefully, with respect and compassion for all parties.

I’ve used a Virtual Assistant in the past and it just didn’t work out. Why is it going to be different this time?

So you hired a person and that person didn’t work out. Does that mean you’re never going to hire again? Of course not! There are a lot of reasons why they didn’t work out:

  • They were treated like a robotic ‘task-doer’ rather than a real person
  • They were not provided training or support to be successful in their role or in the organization
  • They tried to balance multiple roles into one (eg. cold-caller mixed with a bookkeeper mixed with a marketing person)
  • They were simply the wrong fit/person for the specific job

With Level, you’re going to be given the right person for the right job. We won’t allow any partner, client or VS into our organization that doesn’t fit the mold.


Hire a virtual assistant to help you manage those the tasks that hold you back from taking big steps forward in your business.