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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant combines the strong worth ethic of a support service employee with the ability to work from anywhere. Beyond clerical work, VA’s can also take part in many important aspects of day-to-day operations, such as marketing, administration, data entry, and customer service. Companies hire Virtual Assistants in order to get the same high quality work of an in-house employee at a fraction of the cost.

What can they do?

What role are you wanting to fill? You can see our commonly filled Virtual Specialist roles and general role descriptions on our Services page.

Do you have a VA job description?

“VA” isn’t a job title, it just means that the person is a remote employee. Need a specific roll filled? Click here for some of our commonly filled roles.

What if I’m not sure if a VS is the right fit for my business?

Contact us, we’ll be the first person to let you know if a Virtual Specialist is not the right fit for your business at this time. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics, we believe in win-win relationships and adding real value to everyone we come across.

I’ve never hired someone remotely before. Do you have anything that can help me out with getting started?
Where are your VSs located?

All of our Virtual Specialists are located throughout the Philippines. They have a strong work ethic, great English skills, and are just amazing people to have on our team.

What hours do they work?

Yours! If you select a full-time person, you choose the schedule up-front and we’ll find the right person who can fit that schedule. For part-time members, they work Mon-Fri for 4 hours/day with your choice of a fixed morning or afternoon shift


Why is hiring someone through Level better than hiring in-house?

Finding the right person can feel like an eternity, even longer during booming seasons. You also have to factor in insurance, benefits, office space, workers compensation, and more. Even if you figure out all of those variables, the harsh truth is that an in-house assistant may be too expensive or unnecessary sometimes. Hiring through Level takes care of the factors with someone who can be vital to your business.

What do other people think about hiring through Level?

If you’re ready to see how others have taken their business to the next Level, check out our reviews on our website or on our Facebook Page.

How does the whole process work?
          • We begin with a brief call with one of our consultants to learn more about you, the role you’re hiring for, and your company.
          • Once an agreement is signed, everything is handed over to our onboarding team, who meet with the consultants to brainstorm and ensure nothing gets missed.
          • We narrow down our list of applicants through internal interviews, reference checks, and an FBI-grade background check.
          • We facilitate joint interviews via webcam with you and around 3 qualified candidates to find the best cultural fit for your team (about 20-30 mins per candidate). You’ll receive their resume and DISC assessment before the interviews.
          • At the end of those interviews, you decide which candidate you’d like to join your team! We’ll directly connect you both to start your new partnership together.
          • Over time, our support team proactively reaches out to both of you to ensure you have the best working relationship!

        Note: The whole process usually takes just over 2 weeks from agreement signed to onboarded, depending on the complexity of your requirements and scheduling the cultural-fit interviews with you.

Can I interview them?

Absolutely! We actually require this as part of our process. While we do all the work up-front to make sure they’re qualified for your role, we don’t know enough about your culture to know who would make the best fit! We’ll facilitate joint-interviews between you and one of our recruiting specialists to make the process seamless.

Can I have them do something additional (ex. sample project or additional assessment) during the interview process?

No, we’re very rigorous with our interview process and have quick turnaround times. If there’s something specific you’d like to know about beforehand, just ask us!

Do you check their computer specs and internet speed?

Yes, we check both of these during our recruiting process. Everyone is also required to have a back-up internet connection as well as a nearby place to work from in case both of those go out. Your VS can discuss make-up shifts with you in case of power or internet outages to keep you on schedule.

Are they fully trained?

We’ll only endorse qualified candidates that have relatable experience to the role you’re hiring, and it’s always best to provide tailored training to be successful in their role within your business. In fact, training is much like asking someone to order your lunch: they may know how to order, but they need to know what you need. In other words, it should be personalized.

Can I start part-time and later transition to full-time?

Not always, as this will be determined on a case-by-case basis. A majority of the people we hire are looking for full-time work, so we’ll work to pair our part-time Virtual Specialists with another client in the opposite shift so they can still work full-time. If that’s the case, we won’t steal a VS from another client just as we wouldn’t steal a VS from you.


I see you have a start up fee. Are these negotiable?

Yes! They start at $500 and can go up as high as you’d like. It’ll be the best $500 you spend outside of a Vegas casino. These fees literally cover our costs and no more. Our startup costs are an investment with one goal in mind: providing you with the best Virtual Specialist for your business right out of the gate. Want to know the best part? Your monthly service fees don’t start until your Virtual Specialist starts.

Is there a long-term commitment?

Nope, we don’t believe in them. Our agreement is month-to-month, and we only require a 30-day notice for any cancellation or change in service.

How are your prices so low compared to other providers?

Part of our price-saving measures include low overhead and avoiding fancy office spaces. We keep our costs as low as possible to help further our mission and change as many lives as possible.

Why shouldn’t I just hire direct? I heard you can pay someone $2 there.

Consider your time to source, recruit, hire & train new specialists. You could spend about 80 hours upfront doing these tasks, which is anywhere from $2000-$8000 hard costs up front. That’s a lot of cold hard money going to waste.

Also, consider what you get at a low price. Minimum payment doesn’t always equal maximum quality or loyalty.

Finally, you need to ask yourself: what if I can’t provide benefits? What if they don’t work out? How do you restart without letting anything in your business slip?

The simplest solution may be smartest: hire through Level.

I have a friend/coworker/aunt that has a friend in the Philippines that’s looking for work; why shouldn’t I just hire them?

With all due respect, would you really hire someone without vetting them? With Level, you are guaranteed someone who has gone through a rigorous vetting process.


How does paying the Virtual Specialist work?

We handle all payroll, HR, money transfers, etc. Your billing is a flat monthly rate automatically billed on the 1st of the month, after a prorated first month.

How would I go about handling raises, bonuses, and other incentives?

Beyond normal customary raises, it is to your discretion whether or not to provide your VS a raise, bonus or incentive program. If you do, just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest. We even take on all credit card processing fees and money transfer fees so your VS receives the full amount.

Are there any holidays or time off that I need to be aware of?

Naturally, a full list of our holidays are available online and include further information about specific days off for your Virtual Specialist.

How is privacy and confidentiality handled?

We treat privacy and confidentiality for all parties seriously. All of our Virtual Specialists sign privacy and non-disclosure agreements with us, and we sign the same with our clients.


What type of support is offered?

We have a support team that is dedicated to the success of all our partners. They’re available to help both you and your Virtual Specialist out to have an awesome working and personal relationship.

What happens if the person I hire doesn’t work out?

We get it, nobody is ever 100% perfect with hiring. Like Wayne Gretzky (and Michael Scott) said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Our support team is dedicated to the support of all our partners and will work with you and your specialist to help overcome any issues either of you have. If at the end of the day we agree that there’s not a mutual fit, we’ll do whatever we can to make it right.

I’ve used a Virtual Assistant in the past and it just didn’t work out. Why is it going to be different this time?

So you hired a person and that person didn’t work out. Does that mean you’re never going to hire again? Of course not! There are a lot of reasons why they didn’t work out:

  • They were treated like a robotic ‘task-doer’ rather than a real person
  • They were not provided training or support to be successful in their role or in the organization
  • They tried to balance multiple roles into one (eg. cold-caller mixed with a bookkeeper mixed with a marketing person)
  • They were simply the wrong fit/person for the specific job

With Level, you’re going to be given the right person for the right job. We won’t allow any partner, client or VS into our organization that doesn’t fit the mold.

Okay, I'm ready to get started. What's the next step?

Contact us to schedule a call with one of our consultants, so we can learn more about you, the role you’re hiring for, and your company.