Extend your network across multiple platforms with our social media/marketing coordinators

Why Do I Need Social Media / Marketing Coordinators?

Selling is no longer a one-to-one job. In order to bring in new clients, you need to know exactly how to motivate them and how to present it. As our world becomes more digital, your marketing strategies will need to be more direct, streamlined, and creative. Social media/marketing coordinators take that challenge with enthusiasm for your business and beyond.

What Do Social Media/Marketing Coordinators Do?

Social media/marketing coordinators are your megaphones to prospective and current clients. Their roles include:

  • Company updates: Keeping your clients and employees up-to-date on the latest news
  • Advertising: Designing social media posts so captivating, you can’t help but click
  • Customer outreach: From Facebook to Twitter and beyond, widen your net

Why Level Social Media/Marketing Coordinators?

When you outsource with Level, you’re not just getting any run-of-the-mill virtual assistant. You’re getting someone who knows how to creatively design social media posts to generate results. With savings compared to in-house hires, Level can make your social media and marketing presence strong against competitors.