Close all of your sales with our virtual transaction coordinators

Why Do I Need Transaction Coordinators?


Going from contract to close is not an easy task, but it is rewarding. While you can put that weight on your shoulders, why not share the load with experts who know how to finish the deal. With transaction coordinators, you have specialists who handle the administrative duties associated with the closing process.

What Do Transaction Coordinators Do?

When you hire a transaction coordinator, they can do the following tasks:

  • Keep your clients updated: As the deal moves along, they’ll keep your clients in the know
  • Coordinating vendors: From inspections to repairs, your transaction coordinator ensure a seamless process
  • Administrative duties: Monitoring success through escrow, negotiations, and document oversight

Why Level Transaction Coordinators?

When you rely on Level for your transaction coordinators, you’re not just getting someone who can finish the job. You’re putting your trust in passionate, knowledgeable, and successful members dedicated to get the transaction past the finish line.